Allegra S. Harrington's work resides at the intersection between spirituality and creativity, combining Native American, European, and Indian elements. She brings a reverie and sense of lyrical poetry to her work, both in the description of it and the actual pieces themselves. 

Years ago, while Allegra slept, a bison visited her in a dream. Although at first she was afraid, eventually she came to see the bison as her guide, and it led her into new and expanding territories in her work. 

Photo by  Markus Spiske  on  Unsplash


After receiving her BA from the University of New Mexico in Art and Anthropology, Allegra moved to New York in the 70’s to become a textile designer. She furthered her skills at FIT in South Norwalk, and between 1984 and 1990 she established The Designer’s Loft Gallery and her jewelry design business.

Metalsmithing — what Allegra calls "Sculpture to Wear" — remains her passion.  Her one-of-kind collections are inspired by Native American spirituality, European architecture, and rituals from India. Her tools are traditional hammers, pliers, saw frame, and solder. Her designs are constructed in sterling and gold with precious gems. A reviewer once noted Allegra describing one of her rings, saying: “The silver and gold swirls are the water cascading over the waterfall. The gold circle is the energy of the water and the diamond is suspended on top of the water’s stream like a fountain.”

The jeweler at her bench

The jeweler at her bench

Allegra's artistic voice also includes multi-media creations, combining elements such as aluminum screen with paper maché to discover a "Sea Fan." The gift of nature and honoring its sustainability allowed her to  create a montage combining Lichen bark and diaphanous rayon all assembled into a grid. 



Gallery Exhibitions

  • Bruce Museum “Allure of Gems Show”, Amethyst ring. 2003

  • Silvermine School of Art Student Exhibition, New Canaan, Ct. Best in Show, Photography 2011

  • Beechwood Arts Immersion, Westport, Ct. Sterling Cuff 2012

  • Beechwood Arts, Westport, Ct. Exhibitor 2013

  • Juried members Show, Laura Einstein, Juror, Ridgefield Guild of Arts, 2014

  • Ridgefield Guild of Art, Animal Spirit Show, Photography 2014

  • 36th Annual Member’s Show, Carriage Barn, Sculpture To Wear, New Canaan, Ct. 2014

  • 24th Annual Spectrum Sustainability Show, Multi-media Sculpture, New Canaan, Ct. 2014

  • Carriage Barn Members Show, New Canaan, Ct. Members Show, Brooch, Sept. 2014

  • Ridgefield Guild of Artists 38 th Annual Juried Show, Ridgefield,Ct. Sept.2015

  • Transformations, Beechwood Arts,Westport,Ct. May 2016

  • Transformed, Rivery View Art Gallery, Westport Library, Westport,Ct Sept.2016

  • The Institute Library, Nasty Women, New Haven,Ct. March 2017


I welcome commissions. Please contact me to inquire.


Thank you to: Constantin, Niki, Georgia, Rene, Pumpy, Vicky, Booty, Mango, Nellen & Siena.


Allegra's work is available for purchase and through commission. Contact Allegra here to inquire about commissions.