Artist Statement


"God sleeps in stone, breathes in plants, dreams in animals and awakens in human beings" - Hindu saying

My mission is to enhance lives with my jewelry, photography, mixed media and writing; to help women move from pain to faith and to encourage those in recovery through my writing by guiding those who seek healing through sharing my story. Personal mythology plays a large part in whatever I do; assisting my clients in telling the deeper stories of their lives.

Travel to cultures around the world is my Spirit filled artistic guide.



Fire is the alchemy that creates my Sculpture to Wear as a metalsmith.

Air and the Light in each present moment captures a love song in my photography.

Each intimately sized multi-media montage weaves sculpture and imagery into a contradictory landscape. These three directions honor Nature and connect my voice to the sacred gifts on Earth.   

With the mission of helping women thrive, my recent book Topography is a visual memoir calling on the wisdom of animals and how art can heal us to find new creativity.     

My metalsmithing, photography and multi-media sculpture is akin to a mandala in East Indian Culture. It is an organic wheel in spirit, a puja that can bless the wearer and engages all five senses.

Some of them are "radios" of love from Nature in the form of photographs of Her wonder; some provide sculptural delight as in a brooch constructed of Mother of Pearl. Some are constructed in sterling with a precious gem or in a mixed media assemblage of lichen encapsulated in diaphanous fabric.